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Git Submodule Cheat Sheet

git submodule is powerful, error-prone, and often confusing unless it’s used pretty much daily.

Having a cheat sheet can be pretty useful, so here you go.

This cheat sheet is based on a post by Christophe Porteneuve (many thanks).

Configuration settings

  • diff.submodule = log (so you get clearer container diffs when referenced submodule commits changed).
  • fetch.recurseSubmodules = on-demand (so you are confident new referenced commits for known submodules get fetched with container updates).
  • status.submoduleSummary = true (so git status gets useful again when a referenced submodule commit changed).

Adding or cloning

  • Initial add: git submodule add <url> <path>
  • Initial container clone: git clone --recursive <url> [<path>]

Grabbing updates inside a submodule

cd path/to/module
git fetch
git checkout -q <commit-sha1>
cd -
git commit -am “Updated submodule X to: blah blah”

Grabbing container updates

git pull
git submodule sync --recursive
git submodule update --init --recursive

Updating a submodule inside container code

git submodule update --remote --rebase -- path/to/module
cd path/to/module

Local work, testing, eventually staging

git commit -am “Update to central submodule: blah blah”
git push
cd -
git commit -am “Updated submodule X to: blah blah”

Permanently removing a submodule (1.7.8+)

git submodule deinit path/to/module
git rm path/to/module
git commit -am “Removed submodule X”